"Cover your six" means "cover your back" in military terminology. If you think of a clock face, twelve is what's directly in front of you, and six is directly behind you, your back.


Hi, I'm Ronn Easton. I launched Operation Cover Your Six to honor my oath to always have the back of my brothers and sisters in arms.

Keep scrolling to find out how we plan to renovate housing for homeless vets and provide other support services.



Phase One

  • Starting in the Midwest and working with a real estate professional, we'll find homes that have gone into foreclosure or are for sale for taxes and purchase these homes.


  • We'll use veteran labor to rehabilitate the properties, thereby creating jobs.


  • Upon completion, we'll hand the keys and the deed to a deserving veteran with the understanding that they are responsible for the property going forward (taxes, maintenance, utilities, etc).


  • There will be a vetting process with priority given to veterans with families and women veterans, and there will be certain conditions that must be met.


Phase Two


  • We'll establish transitional housing where homeless veterans are housed and can receive help in connection to the VA, direction to vocational training, group counseling sessions, and general assistance in restoring dignity and reintegration into society.




Cover Your Six's vision is to assist our forgotten US veterans. Our vision is based on teamwork and includes housing and counseling through mentoring programs for qualifying veterans. Click to read more.


Thanks to our generous team members.

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