Cover Your Six's vision is to assist our forgotten US veterans. Our vision includes, housing, counseling and viable options based on teamwork thru mentoring programs for all veterans.


Our mission is to offer alternative housing resources, including permanent ones. We intend to offer peer counseling in one -on-one as well as facilitated group sessions for veterans to recover  from PTSD, substance abuse and inability to manage anger. Our counselors will be veterans as well as mentors who know “cover your six” is not a catch phrase but a way of life.


Cover Your Sx, through our own channels, will offer integrated services and solutions for viable employment opportunities and job skills.


Our organization x can and will outsource any and all intra or inter needs through our community partnerships and networks.

Photo by David Bradley, 
63B20 wheel vehicle mechanic in Vietnam from 1969-1971

Specialist 4th Class Ronn Easton


I was born a child of the South in Memphis, Tennessee in 1949 where I learned from my Grandmother that your word is your bond and to always look a person in their eyes as you give a firm handshake and to judge each person on their own merit.


I ended up in Cleveland Ohio for high school where, after graduation and a brief stint in college after learning that two childhood brothers were killed in Vietnam, I volunteered for the U.S. Army.


After two and a half years and a tour of duty in Vietnam I received an honorable discharge and separated as a Specalist 4th Class.

My last 22 years of employment were spent in public health as a disease investigator with the Minnesota Department of Health, dealing with sexually transmitted infections including HIV.

The last four years of retirement have been glorious but, as a result of the homeless and suicide rate among veterans, I am reminded of the team concept and the oath I swore, hence the motivation to establish Operation Cover Your Six.

My vision is that with America's help we will show the veterans of this great nation that their service and sacrifices will never be forgotten. It is my honor to ask each and every one of you to join me on this mission and be of service, one veteran at a time.

Hear more about my Army service on Veteran Voices


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